In the European Union – so in our country as well – agricultural products, foodstuffs and feedstuffs produced from them may be marketed with organic labelling (biológiai, bio, öko, organikus) only if they are produced in compliance with the relevant community and national regulations under an inspection system controlled by the public authority and this is verified (in Hungary with a certificate).

The main players of the organic certification system are the economic operators, who perform their production and trade according to the relevant regulations, since this way taking a risk and giving up some of the yield they have to change their technology, the procedures, the materials used compared to the conventional production that is less protective of the environment and the health of the consumers.

By performing the inspection and certification of the activity of the organic producers, processors and traders Biokontroll Hungária Nonprofit Ltd. plays an important role in the organic certification system. On one hand our task is to guarantee for the consumers that the more valuable and so more expensive food really comes from the producer complying with the requirements, and on the other hand we have to protect organic producers from the unfair competition – without us they would not be able to compete with those who consider their products – which are intensively grown with pesticides and antibiotics, full with additives – “organic”.

The task of a Biokontroll inspector is to complete a report on the production process according to the system developed for that certain activity. The Biokontroll certifier’s task is to consider the compliance of this process with the requirements and in case this is found correct the certificate is issued with hologram and an individual identifier. The product may not be organic without a valid certificate (verification)!

Beside our main activity that is inspection and certification of production of organic food and agricultural products we publish the Biokultúra Magazine, and we take part in several research programmes related to organic farming funded by tenders.

We trust that if you are committed to organic farming, in our homepage you can find all information to confirm your confidence in that, and if you are unconvinced your doubts will be cleared. Please browse our homepage, ask questions, make suggestions in order to improve it and to make it more informative.

Dr. Roszík Péter executive manager