EU organic certification

In Hungary – just like in all other EU member states – the organic regulations of the European Union shall be applied, our inspection and certification system is also based on these. Since the 1st January 2009 these are as follows: the Council Regulation (EC) No. 834/2007, the Commission Regulation (EC) No. 889/2008 on its implementation, and the Commission Regulation (EC) No. 1235/2008 on import. These are complemented by the national Decree No. 34/2013 (V.14.) of the Ministry of Rural Development.

In the Basic Standards of Biokontroll Hungária Nonprofit Ltd. the requirements laid down in the regulations are arranged and interpreted according to the farmers’ needs, the Standards describe clearly the production, processing and labelling requirements to our partners. The document can be ordered on payment personally, by telephone, by post or on the address as cash on delivery consignment.

We inspect and certify the following activities according to the requirements of the regulations of the European Union:

  • Crop production
  • Collection of wild growing plants
  • Mushroom production
  • Bee-keeping
  • Animal husbandry, according to our own standards including:
    • fish farming in ponds
    • game farming in game preserves
    • rabbit husbandry
    • quail keeping
  • Production of processed organic feed
  • Wholesale and retail trade
  • Food processing (including yeast production)
  • Storage
  • Import

Biokontroll is an active member of EOCC (European Organic Certifiers Council), the European association of inspection and certification bodies and authorities. This international non-profit organisation was established in 2010 and has 49 members today from several countries of the world. Its aim is to promote the reliability of organic farming inspection and certification. Beside this it is working also to improve the legislation regarding European organic farming. EOCC is recognised as important discussion partner and it maintains good relations with the European Community as well.

The website of EOCC can be found via the following link: