Basic data

Official company name: Biokontroll Hungária Inspection and Certification Nonprofit Ltd.
Short name: Biokontroll Hungária Nonprofit Ltd.
Owner: Hungarian Biokultúra Federation
Established in: 1996.
Legal framework: Decree of the Ministry of Rural Development No. 34/2013, Council Regulation (EC) No. 834/2007, Commission Regulation (EC) No.889/2008, and Commission Regulation (EC) No. 1235/2008.


  • Decision of the Central Agricultural Office (MgSzH) No. 02.4/04154/007/2009 (31st December, 2009.) Official code of registration: HU-ÖKO-01.
  • NAH-6-0012/2015 accreditation on product certification by NAH (National Accreditation Authority), continuously from 2002.


The trademark of Biokontroll Hungária Inspection and Certification Nonprofit Ltd. was registered by the Hungarian Patent Office on No. 195 756. Specific contract has to be signed to use the trademark.

Certified operators in 2019:

Crop producer3879
Livestock keeper87
Wild collector17
Mushroom producer6
Mass catering10
Cosmetic processor9

Overview of activities related to the inspection and certification:

  • Informing customers: checking if references to HU-ÖKO-01 on product labels are valid and trustful.
  • Professional guidance: the Biokontroll Basic Standards, which are available in printed form, may help you with guidance on the complicated system of EU and national organic farming legislation.
  • Biokultúra Magazine: our inspected clients receive the Biokultúra Magazine that is published every second month free of charge. Besides our official communications it includes plenty of useful information on organic farming. Information on subscription and the content of previous issues is available under the menu point of this website: Biokultúra újság.
  • Distance learning: within the framework of the Leonardo project we have developed the e-learning based ECOLOGICA education programme in co-opeartion with the Hungarian Association for Organic Farming and Corvinus University, which is popular also on international levels.
  • Research and development: our first project started in 2004 focused on the issues of regulating organic seed production. We took part in further four R+D projects as members of a consortium. Three of them were carried out within the GVOP and one under EU 6th Framework R+D. Short summaries of the closed projects are available under the Projects menu.
  • Expert opinion on policy measures: we have been involved in the development of several policy action plans such as the National Agri-environmental Programme, Improvement of the Vásárhelyi Plan, the Hungarian Rural Development Plan or the „New Hungary” Rural Development Programme etc., by providing professional guidance and information.
  • Pleading: We take no responsibility for any incorrect information found on our webpages resulting from administrational mistakes. We reserve the right to modify content of our pages. We thank you for comments and remarks.